Kev Davis Professional Drum Tuition Worcester

​Discover The Easy way To Play Drums

From A Professional Drummer in WoRCESTER 

​​​​​​​​​​I'll show you...

the tips and tricks to get you playing drums quicker and easier than you ever thought possible. 

Hi, I'm Kev.​ Thanks for visiting my little drum tuition website. I hope you find it interesting and useful. 

As a professional drummer/tutor of 30 years plus, I believe that drum tuition should be enjoyable and fun, built on a solid technical foundation, inspire creativity, and match each individual's goals.  

So why choose me as your drum tutor...
Well, I've been teaching drums professionally for well over 30 years in and around Worcestershire in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. In between teaching, I've played professionally all over the world. (Well almost).

I've played professionally all over the world at the highest level from 5 star cruise ships, 5 star hotels worldwide, UK tours etc. (Take a look at my About page) I've a wealth of experience and knowledge I now pass on to all my students, young and old. And I'll show you how to play drums quicker than you thought possible. 

I'll teach you... various drumming styles, The drum rudiments, sight reading, playing to click track, brush work on the kit plus much more. 

Beginners are especially welcome. We all had to start somewhere didn't we?, Me included.  
And the fact you're reading this is a great start isn't it. I teach drum tuition in a friendly relaxed atmosphere and I'll make sure you'll get the best possible drum tuition, learning at your own speed. After all learning to play drums isn't a race. It's a journey. There's always something new to learn. 

So, whether you want to play drums just for fun or have bigger ambitions in mind, your journey starts here. 

​Playing drums has many benefits. It helps with your physical and mental fitness (Especially as we get older). It gets your brain working. NEVER  think you're too old to play drums! (My first drum tutor when I was 10 years old was well into his 70's and he was absolutely awesome)   

Finally, Lessons are on a one to one basis and it's pay as you go, so no hefty term fees.  

Anyway, click on the links at the top of this page and have a look at my website. I hope to hear from you soon....

Let's play drums!