Kev Davis Professional Drum Tuition Worcester

Kev Davis

Drum Tuition  


What you can expect from me... 

  • Drum Tuition ... Don't worry if you're are a complete beginner, I'll get you playing drums with a good foundation of drum knowledge that you can then build upon. ​Or, If you have been playing a while and want to brush up on any particular part of your playing, that's cool too.​​

  • Sight Reading... Of course you don't need to read drum music when playing your drums. BUT,  Being able to write any particular song out that you want to play, makes life so much easier. I've won most of my professional drumming jobs/contracts simply because I can sight read, and consequently worked with some "household" names and played in some wonderful places around the world. Okay, so you might not want to take your drumming to that level, but I've lost count of the times I've had to wait for band  members to learn their parts "parrot fashion"  learning one bit at a time...Arrrgh!  WHY? Wouldn't it be so much easier to quickly write out your drum part. Then you're ready to go. IMPORTANT... Any drum teacher that tells you learning to read drum music isn't important, That might be because they probably can't do it themselves. 


  • Learn to Play to Click Track... I'll show you how to play to click track too (if you want). This is such a useful tool to use. It teaches you good time keeping ( i.e not speeding up or slowing down) Which is part of a drummers job, after all.  You'll get used to different tempo's. And it's just another "string" to your bow, isn't it? IMPORTANT... Any drum teacher that tells you playing to click track isn't important, That might be, because they probably can't do it themselves. (sound familiar)

  • ​​Drum Rudiments... Any good drummer worth his salt knows and uses these in their drumming. (and you want to be a good drummer, right?) It's the foundation of your playing. I guarantee your favourite drummer will have learned these when they were starting out. Why?. Very simple. You wouldn't want to build a house without good foundations would you? It's the same for your drumming. Enough said on that then. IMPORTANT... Again, any drum teacher that tells you... (you know how it goes)

  • Exams... If you have any particular drum exam that you are working towards then I am happy to guide you through them too. 

  • Tuning Your Drum Kit... All sorts of people will tell you to do it this way or that way. It's not rocket science, as long as you follow a few simple rules. I'll show you how. (As well as a few extra tricks I've picked up along the way.) 

​          So... enough bumph lol... Lets Play Drums !