I just want to thank Kev so much for teaching me. I've just been accepted for Leeds college of music and don't think I could have done it without Kevs help. Id been playing (self taught) for several years, and as soon as i started tuition with Kev it was like joining all the dots together. Cheers Kev, you're the business... Dan 

Hi Kev, my sincere thanks for giving my son Max such a great fundimental education in proper technique and rhythm. You're a first rate drummer and tutor - and a top bloke. Thank you so much...Ben

Thought had two left hands and feet until i met Kev. We are having so much fun and I'm actually playing and making sense of it all. Nice one Kev. Cheers Gaz  (Droitwich)

I've had several drum teachers and I've finally found one that knows what he's doing. I can honestly say, I've learned more in 6 months with Kev than in two years with my previous teacher. Highly recommended. Jackie B

I've got a very busy job and although I have no ambitions to becoming a "rock star" its just nice to be able to switch off for an hour and forget about work for a while. The best possible way of winding down. Great fun. Dave (Bromsgrove)

My son Josh is absolutely loving his lessons with Kev. I sit in on a few of them and as well as all the laughter and banter they have, Josh  getting a little better every lesson. Kev certainly has a way of teaching whilst making it fun. 

I'll keep it short...Fun, Fun, Fun. I've always wanted to play drums, but was a little nervous. Its great fun.  Kate 

I've been having lessons off Kev for a bout 6 months and can honestly say that i didn't realise when i first sat on that drum stool that i would still be having as much fun now as i did on that very first lesson. I didn't realise just how much there is to learn. But I'm loving it. Bring it on Kev lol... Andy 

Lovin my lessons. Bought my drum kit 6 months before i started lessons and it was all "gobaldy gook"  Now 6 months into being taught, Kev's making everything make sense.  Su H (Worcester)



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